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The WRCTM Weather Museum is being developed to stimulate interest in the scientific fields of Meteorology and Oceanography, to provide a facility for people of all ages to learn about the weather, obtain weather safety information, and to look into the past at how weather was observed. The WRCTM Weather Museum is a project of Weather Research Center, the Houston, Texas-based non-profit educational and research organization founded in 1987 by Jill F. Hasling and Dr. John C. Freeman.

It is the belief of the founders that too many lives are lost and too much property destroyed due to the lack of weather safety information reaching the public. The WRCTM Weather Museum will distribute weather safety information as well as maintain exhibits and programs that increase knowledge about weather.

Thousands of school children will be accommodated in the various educational programs offered by Weather Research Center and The WRCTM Weather Museum, including summer weather camps, special talks and other demonstrations.

Internships for high school and college students involved in meteorology also will be expanded at the Museum.

Adult tours and special programs for teachers are available. The WRCTM Weather Museum is an innovative, educational facility that will continue to grow in service to the community as well as a point of interest to Houston visitors.

The interactive exhibits for the Museum will include:

          An exhibit that allows children the experience of walking through a tornado.

          A surround-sound movie that puts visitors in the middle of a hurricane.

          Computer-generated lightning display, complete with the sound of thunder.

          Flash Flood Table where you can change the terrain to see how flash floods form.

          Cloud Chamber - Temperature Difference with Height

          Display of Weather Instruments with lessons on how to use them.

          Displays featuring old weather maps, radar equipment, and books.

          A television studio where museum visitors can present their weather forecasts and perform a video taped weather broadcast to take home.

          An up-to-date computer room featuring weather education software and weather facts and fun. A small theatre featuring weather safety videos and films. Classrooms for WRCTM Weather Camp and teacher education classes. A small theatre featuring weather safety videos and films.

          Library and weather data banks complete with currently available meteorological research. Weather maps and data that date back to 1899.

          Weather equipment; weather books, tracking charts etc.

The WRCTM Weather Museum is located at Weather Research Center at 3227 Audley in southwest Houston. It currently is in Phase Two of a Four Phase development program.

Phase One consisted of raising funds totaling $300,000 to purchase and repair the roof of the Museum building is now complete.

Phase Two will include the following projects:

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