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Weather Research Center is a non-profit educational and research organization dedicated to the study of weather. Based in Houston, Texas, Weather Research Center was founded in 1987 by Jill F. Hasling with Dr. John C. Freeman who continues to direct the organization.

Dr. Freeman, Certified Consulting Meteorologist, has been involved in the study of and education about weather for more than 55 years. Ms. Hasling is also a Certified Consulting Meteorologist. She began her professional career in 1974 with the Institute for Storm Research. Both have been chosen as Fellows of the American Meteorological Society.

Both educators at heart, it was their ambition to establish and maintain a facility dedicated to broadening interest in and knowledge of weather among students of all ages. The founding of Weather Research Center, funded principally through provision of professional services to clients, was the culmination of that dream.

Weather Research Center provides research, reporting and prognostication in Meteorology and Oceanography to a diverse list of clients worldwide. Services include international weather forecasting, weather forensics, environmental and climatology research, literature, data surveys and computer modeling. Clientele includes companies in the energy, utility, insurance, engineering, construction and travel industries, local and foreign governments and local, national and international media.

Profits from providing these services are utilized for the Centerís many activities:

All donations to the Weather Research Center go to the educational programs. The staff and overhead are paid for by the services provided by the Center. Weather Research Center is not supported by the government or university.

The newest and in many ways the most important project for the Center is establishment of The WRCTM Weather Museum. The Weather Museum is being developed to stimulate interest in the scientific fields of Meteorology and Oceanography, to provide a facility for people of all ages to learn safety information and to look into the past at how weather was observed.

In 1996, with the assistance of Houston Endowment, other foundations, corporations and individual donors, the Museum property and building were purchased. The location is adjacent to Weather Research Center at 3227 Audley, in Houston. Current fundraising activities are dedicated to refurbishing the building, acquisition of exhibits and development of other educational tools for use in the Museum.

Weather Research Center
5104 Caroline St. Houston, Texas 77004
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