Hurricane Bret, 1999 WRCTM Texas Hurricane Handbook
by: Jill F. Hasling, Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Weather Research Center

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  1. Hurricane Facts and Definitions
  2. What is a Hurricane?
  3. What Areas of the World Experience Tropical Cyclones?
  4. What is the Life Cycle of a Hurricane?
  5. What is the Size of a Hurricane?
  6. How do Hurricanes Move?
  7. How are Hurricanes Located and Tracked?
  1. How do Meteorologists Forecast Hurricanes?
  2. Why are Hurricanes Named?
  3. Why Does Man Need Hurricanes?
  4. How Does a Hurricane Kill and Destory?
  5. When Do Texas Hurricanes Occur?
  6. How Do You Live with the Threat of Hurricanes?
  7. Storm Categories
  1. Carla 1961 and Alicia 1983
  1. List of Texas Storms

Storm Figures & Tables References & Acknowledgements

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